Apex is giving the P320 the Flatty treatment (VIDEO)

Apex Tactical has just released a drop-in replacement Action Enhancement Trigger for the SIG P320. The new flat-faced trigger or “Flatty” offers shooters more leverage and a wider range of finger placement than the standard SIG trigger contour.

The real treat is that Apex is expanding in the direction of the SIG P320. Apex has done wonders for the Smith & Wesson M&P series and even though the P320 comes with an already-excellent factory trigger there’s always room for improvement.

apex tactical flatty sig p320 (2)

A P320 with the Action Enhancement Trigger. (Photo: Apex)

Apex is an expert when it comes to duty and competition triggers and if anyone can take the SIG P320 to the next level they can. The Flatty flat-faced trigger is only the first step when it comes to P320 tweaks and it’s plenty affordable at $44.

The new trigger is a drop-in part and while Apex recommends a gunsmith install, if you can remove your P320’s fire control unit you’re halfway there to installing the aftermarket trigger. It’s a simple upgrade that takes as much time to figure out as it does to complete. The install process doesn’t require any tools at all, you just pop out the standard trigger and replace it with the new part.

While the two handguns share more than a few components, Apex warns that the P320 Flatty isn’t compatible with the P250, the double-action only precursor to the P320. And even though the P250 has its hangers-on, the greater shooting world has adopted the P320 as the best new polymer SIG, so the more Apex treatment it gets the better.

As far as simple upgrades and tweaks go the Flatty is a straightforward enhancement.

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