Boom! Headshot with a Can Cannon AR (VIDEO)

The Demolition Ranch crew have gotten pretty good with their AR-15 decked out with a Can Cannon soda launcher upper– especially after mounting a Vortex crossbow scope.

DR has been making a slew of Can Cannon vids in recent months but hey, if you had a $400 soda can launcher upper mounted on your AR, wouldn’t you?

According to the manufacturer, the launcher will bloop out a full unopened 12 oz. pop or beer can out to 105 yards when powered by a mil-spec 5.56mm blank round– provided you use the optimal angle.

At Demo Ranch they outfitted theirs with a Vortex Viper XBR Scope and have been working on picking out the right hold over for correction and give it a shot on targets at 30 and 60 yards– with surprising accuracy.

You know you want one.

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