How many rounds does it take to make an AK meltdown? (VIDEO)

IV8888 goes full on Red Dawn in a welding mask to bring you the answer of just how much 7.62x39mm you need to meltdown your Romanian AK.

The Moss Pawn gang (rest in peace Barry) are still going strong and went all out to answer the burning (get it) questions that keep you awake at night. One of these is just how many rounds can you get through a thin-walled semi-auto AK clone that has been converted to fire full auto freedom.

Lets do the run down of the awesomeness potential of this video:

– Cases of Wolf 124-grain on tap.
– Romanian WASR-10 that has been converted to select-fire.
– Stacks of 75 round drums and 30 round PMAGs.
Red Dawn KLMK style camo suit (Wolverines!)
– IR video capability to get those groovy Predator-vision views.
– Burned out eggshell white Chevy Camaro in the distance with no wheels for effect (Bonus if you can find the matching mini-van).

What more could you ask for?

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