Texas cop gets down with local kids doing the 'Nae Nae' (VIDEO)

A Fourth of July fiasco by a police officer out of Ennis, Texas, was captured on video and gained more attention than he ever imagined. Sgt. Alan Eddins talked with a local news station and explained how he ended up in yard dancing the “Nae Nae” with a couple of kids.

Eddins said he was in the neighborhood looking to serve a warrant when he passed the kids in his patrol car. The officer went on to the home to apprehend the suspect, but when he wasn’t home, decided to stop to talk to the kids on his way back through.

Eddins said they were having a great time playing, dancing in the yard when they invited him to come join them. He said he “reluctantly agreed,” and after a short time, his reluctance wore off and he was getting down, in full uniform.

Meanwhile, the kids as well as the person who was filming the funny scene, were laughing uncontrollably, and the video, of course, was uploaded to the internet where it’s now making rounds.

Eddins said part of his job is to get out, interact with people, and do what he can to make people’s lives better.

“Even though I’m in uniform, doesn’t mean I’m not human, doesn’t mean I don’t care about people,” he said.


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