Glock's got a new Perfection series of apparel and accessories


Glock is launching a new line of premium clothes and accessories for men and women looking to add a little “Perfection” to their wardrobe. The Perfection series is kicking off with hats, shirts and outerwear for Glock fans to share their pride in style.

The new product line includes more than just ball caps and tees. The line-up includes button-down and polo shirts, standard and athletic cuts, in men’s and women’s contours. The Perfection series is separate from the Gaston J. Glock Style collection.

There are some pretty cool T-shirts, though, like their “9mm Family” and R. Lee Ermey “Gunny” tees. They have men’s and women’s hats as well that cover a wide range of styles from traditional ball caps with and without mesh to chino hats and boosters with popular cloth colors along and popular Kryptec camo patterns, too. For the ladies they’ve got a full spread of “Glock Girl” accessories that cover all the bases from shirts and hats to hoodies in addition to their standard Glock logo apparel.

glock girl corporals hat

The “Glock Girl” Corporal’s hat. (Photo: Glock)

The Perfection series mostly runs between $20 and $45 with the most expensive fleece and soft shell jackets coming in at $69 and $90 so like Glock pistols, the new apparel is both practical and affordable. This is a solid catalog to launch with and there’s a little something for everyone. Come gift-giving time the Perfection series will be just right for the Glock fan in your life.

The Glock store continues to carry a complete line of other gifts and accessories from shot glasses and mugs to iPhone cases and Glock keychains. For more head over to Team Glock.

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