Owner of moving company hones in on valuable skills of veterans (VIDEO)

After completing a deployment to Iraq, U.S. Marine Jesse Gartman wanted to start his own business, and to find great employees, he knew just where to look – his fellow veterans.

Gartman is the owner of Veteran Movers NYC, which as the names implies, is a moving company based in New York City, with 17 of Gartman’s 20 employees being veterans.

“Trust, integrity, little bit of muscle, foresight, intuition. These [are the] kinds of things that we were taught in the military,” Gartman explained. “Discipline, responsibility, these kinds of things. These are very, very important to uphold such a high level of customer satisfaction.”

The company, which was founded in 2011, goes by the code “Never a customer left behind,” essentially a promise of satisfaction.

And with more than 459,000 unemployed veterans nationwide, businesses like Gartman’s are doing their part to help veterans, all the while providing a valuable service.

[Fox News Insider]

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