SD police department defends use of confederate flag (VIDEO)

The design of the Gettysburg Police Department’s patches have some residents feeling offended, but the department has no plans to make any changes.

The embraces both sides of the Civil War, with both Union and Confederate soldiers recognized on a memorial outside of the South Dakota courthouse, but a confederate flag on the department’s patches is just too much some say.

Lynn Hart, who resides in Flandreau, said the patches were called to her attention by a friend – both of whom find the design offensive.

Hart said, “South Dakota doesn’t need that stuff in our state.”

But police chief William Wainman said the design was “in no way, shape or form meant to be offensive.”

“Gettysburg was founded by Civil War veterans who came here after the war was over,” historian Corey Wannamaker explained. “It was called the soldiers’ colony or the soldiers’ home and it was mostly just to attract other veterans to come out. Because it was founded by soldiers, that would make other soldiers comfortable to come out here.”


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