Hi-Point has new camo colors incoming

hi point camo hydro dip

Hi-Point Firearms is expanding hydro-dipping services with new Camo CarbinesĀ that includeĀ patterns likeĀ digital desert tan, the increasingly-popular pink Muddy Girl-type and traditional woodland camo.

With these new hydro-dipped treatments now you can get a Hi-Point Carbine that stands out at the range, without turning to a home-brewed rattle-can solution that never looks quite as nice once the paint dries. The camo finishes only add about $60 to the sticker so the prices stay nice and low.

Hi-Point is offering these upgraded carbines chambered in 9mm Luger, .40 S&W and .45 ACP, with MSRPs at $359, $371 and $392, respectively. Real-world prices should be at or below the $300 point for the lot.

These carbines are popular with a large segment of the shooting community. Theyā€™re particularly flexible, a lot of fun at the range, capable for self-defense and even taking game where allowed. Hi-Points carbines are easy to use, forgiving and reliable.

They might not be the most stylish pistol-caliber carbines, although these new models aim to change that. No matter what they get the job done and at a price everyone can appreciate. Apart from the new look these are the same Hi-Point carbines are exactly the same as the original models and accept the same parts and accessories, including stock sets and magazines.

The carbines have little felt recoil chambered for any cartridge even with the hottest loads, weighing it a 7.5 pounds, and come standard with molded polymer stocks with rails for scopes and other accessories, adjustable sights and 10-round magazines in 9mm and .40 S&W and 9-round mags in .45 ACP.

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