Michigan man threatens armed resistance over possible eviction (VIDEO)

A Michigan man said he will protect his home to the death if and when sheriffs come knocking at his door to evict him.

Blanchard resident Ted Visner claims Isabella County officials are unjustly targeting him for eviction from the home he and his family have been living in for the past five years, the Morning Sun News reported.

“I will not be evicted from my property, and, when I say that, what I mean is I will use all appropriate force to defend my property,” Visner said in a video he posted Saturday.

Visner chided the newspaper, saying it has sided with county officials and the bank against him.

“The Mornning Sun newspaper: You are not welcome on or near our property,” Visner posted on Facebook. “Your stance in support of the criminal activities conducted by the county of Isabella places you firmly in that camp. Stay away.”

A district court judge on Friday ruled Bank of America could evict Visner from his home if he didn’t appeal the decision.

Visner criticized the judge, saying he unfairly stated the the man had no legal standing but would be allowed to make a statement.

“Basically Eric Janes acted as though he was doing me a favor by allowing me to speak at all, nothing I said was given any weight,” Visner wrote on Facebook. “Eric Janes basically struck all of my testimony by claiming that I didn’t have standing.”

However others who align themselves with similar political agendas have been critical of Visner’s postings.

State militia group, the Three Percenter’s Club, issued a statement discrediting Visner and his claim of government overreach. In several updates on social media, the group has advised its followers not to support Visner’s effort financially or emotionally.

“This is not a situation where Mr. Visner’s rights are being violated. Under Michigan law he has been receiving his due process,” the group wrote on Facebook. “We cannot with the best intentions of our people ask them to go to the front lines and risk their lives for someone who refuses to provide us with the necessary documentation for us to know this is a just cause.”

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