Skynet alert! Armed backyard drone gets off a few shots from PMR-30 (VIDEO)

Video has surfaced that appears to show a DIY multi-rotor hobby drone firing a Kel Tec PMR-30 pistol with unknown results.

The video, posted to YouTube last Friday, shows what is described as a 26 inch remote control quad-copter that has been outfitted to fire a .22LR pistol. While its not the first time that armed droned have taken to the sky (ever heard of the Predator?), this is one of the first homegrown variety to pop up firing more than a paintball or airsoft gun.

In the clip the flying sniper gets off four shots and you can see both muzzle flash and ejecting brass– but the craft gets slapped around a good bit by the recoil, which gives you pause as to just what its able to hit downrange.

Watch the skies.

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