Spitballing the 7-30 Waters out of a pistol to 300 yards (VIDEO)

Specter over at the VSO Gun Channel got to kick back with a break-action pistol chambered in the obscure 7-30 Waters to make some stupidly long range shots look easy.

The 7-30 Waters was designed back in the 1970s by Ken Waters to give cowboy gun operators some more power in the same .30-.30 size envelope they were used to. Necking down the old WCF round, Waters came up with a combo that matched a .284 caliber bullet in the 120-ish grain range to a necked down .30-30 round and saw velocities leap up the charts– producing a pancake flat trajectory.

That’s what makes the 7-30W ring the steel out at three football fields from a 10 inch barreled Han Solo-looking TC pistol.

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