This little boy's prosthetic arm is made of LEGOs and shoots lasers (VIDEO)

Sweden-based designer Carlos Arturo Torres realized that sometimes making prosthetics for kids isn’t necessarily all about functionality, but sometimes more about, well… just being a kid.

Torres combined cutting edge technology and LEGOs to create a prosthetic arm for a boy named Dario and the result – just as one would expect – is a little bit of functionality and a whole lot of fun.

Dario has a variety of LEGO accessories to choose from – a tractor, some “hands” with gripping capabilities and, of course, a space ship complete with laser gun. A motorized “muscle” made up of myoelectric sensors and a battery allow Dario to “move” the toys.

An added bonus, according to Torres? Dissolving negativity.

“Kids who might make fun of someone with a prosthetic are now awed by what that person can do with it,” he points out in the video demonstrating Dario in action.

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