Watermelon assassination with Hickok45 and his Ruger Mini 30 (VIDEO)

Hick finally got his hands on a Ruger Mini 30 in 7.62x39mm and put it through its paces for almost a half hour on cameraโ€“ to include a few hits on a random range melon.

In 1986 Ruger took the Mini 14 design, made some changes that included stretching the receiver to accommodate the 7.62ร—39, adding a thicker .311 caliber barrel, then reworking the magwell to fit a likewise larger detachable box mag and the Mini 30 was born.

Popular due to its caliber and well-received by sportsmen, especially in the Southeast by hog and whitetail hunters in heavy brush (this guy included), the Mini 30 is a niche carbine that has brought more than a few smiles.

Including Hickok45 it would seem.

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