Demo Ranch goes for the largest binary explosion on the internet (VIDEO)

The gang of merry mischief makers at Demolition Ranch made a 50 foot long bangalore torpedo with nearly a quarter-ton of binary explosive with the hope of making history.

Back in 1912 with future military conflicts likely setting up lines of barbed wire obstacles and landmines to inhibit rushes of massed infantry, a clever British combat engineer stationed in India came up with the idea of packing several thin diameter tubes with explosives. These tubes could be linked together as long as needed and pushed out into a minefield or obstacle and set off at once, taking the whole thing sky-high in one dramatic blast.

This so-called bangalore torpedo was used (alot) in both World Wars and continues to be relied on today in certain circumstances to make a hole. You may recall the scene in Saving Private Ryan where they call up “the bangalores” to blow the German defenses to sauerkraut on Omaha Beach in the first 15 minutes of the movie.

Boom! That’s the concept.

Well the Demo Ranch crew decided to take 50 feet of four inch chemical pipe and stuffed it with a total of 425 pounds of mixed binary target compound then buried it and displaced to a safe distance before setting off their pipeline bomb.

We give em bonus swag points for using an orange safety cone as a funnel for the explosive mixture.

But, they could (and will) still probably go bigger next time.

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