Gerber Short Stack Magpul grip AR multitool now available (VIDEO)

The Gerber Gear Short Stack, which was introduced earlier this year, is now available exclusively through Midway USA. The Short Stack is a modular AR multitool that stows away in Magpul MOE and MIAD pistol grip compartments

Each short stack has 15 small tools and functions for cleaning and maintenance as well as Magpul M-Lok drivers and wrenches to fix and adjust M-Lok accessories. It can also be used as a pull handle for Otis cleaning cables and features a front sight adjustment tool.

gerber short stack ar magpul multitool (2)

The Short Stack flats lock together to make a host of different wrenches and drivers. (Photo: Midway USA)

It comes with everything you need for most field maintenance and then some, with its carbon scraper surfaces to clean up bolts and bolt carriers and castle nut and muzzle device wrenches. The Short Stack includes four double-sided drivers tipped for common AR and Magpul components for the little jobs.

Like many Gerber tools Short Stack is cut from 420 high carbon stainless steel which is harder than 420 steel and corrosion-resistant. The tool adds 2.8 ounces to the pistol grip where it will largely feel unnoticed.

As far as kit goes the Short Stack is pretty affordable at $49 for something that could get you out of a real bind.

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