Joerg Sprave coughs up an umbrella launcher because Kingsman (VIDEO)

That mildly eccentric long-haired German craftsman Joerg Sprave went for a Kingsman tie-in and produced an umbrella gun that is so strong it has to be cocked with a boat winch.

As part of a tie in with the Colin Firth spy flick Kingsman: The Secret Service which includes English secret agents armed with hipster glasses, shotgun accessorized Tokarev T-33 pistols and tricked out umbrellas, slingshot expert Joerg Sprave did some field tests with the latter.

We have to admit, we kinda zoned out for the first minute or two, but when he decided to build his own supped up Bavarian umbrella big gun, we moved to the edge of our seat. You are talking about 100+ pounds of draw weight and an umbrella shaft gently modified with a steel spike and duct tape here, people.

Did we mention he cranks it into battery with the same type of pulley you see on a bass boat trailer?

Hey, the film was based on a comic book graphic novel here, so what did you expect?

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