Stephen King books vs. 50 shot Rugerzine, 33 shot Glockazine, and more!

MattV2099 brings weighs in with his third installment of ballistic experiments using noted gun control advocate Stephen King’s books as a test medium.

On the heels of last month’s church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, King shared his unsolicited thoughts on America’s relationship with firearms.

“Too many closed minds on gun control. Worse, far too many PROUDLY closed minds. Meanwhile, the American shooting gallery remains open,” King dropped on Twitter.

Speaking of shooting galleries, Youtuber MattV2009 examined two weeks ago just how many of the author’s books it takes to stop a bullet, leaving the paraphrased question being, is the Dark Tower collection mightier than the 7.62×39? (It wasn’t).

He upped the Slav firepower for Round II last week by testing them against 7.62x54R Nugget fueled rage. (Spoiler alert: the Russian ’54 is a beast)

Now comes a full on assault from a 22LR with a 50 shot “Rugerzine,” a Saiga 12 gauge with a 20 shot “Saigazine” and a Glock 9mm with a 33 shot “Glockazine.”

Want to know how it ends? Read the book!

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