'This is not a barbie doll': AKOU's advice on clearing malfunctions (VIDEO)

The guys at AK Operators Union, Local 47-74, walk you through aggressively clearing malfunctions and jams on the AK series rifle without the sugar coating.

Mikhail Kalashnikov’s epic design was crafted with an eye towards the end-user being a Soviet youth with a minimum of training. With this in mind, its a very rugged and reliable weapon under field conditions and has stood the test of time to become perhaps the most widely used firearm type in modern history.

As such AKOU’s Rob Ski, who cut his teeth on the AK in the Polish Land Forces back before the whole Warsaw Pact thing went the way of the cassette tape, cautions today’s Kalash enthusiast not to baby the rifle when performing an emergency action drill.

“Guys, no, this is not a barbie doll, this is the AK rifle,” he says. “That bitch likes to be slapped and treated hard.”

And there you have it.

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