CA mom upset after son buys BB gun off of ice cream truck (VIDEO)

Jennifer Vendramini was shocked to discover that her 9-year-old son recently purchased a toy BB gun off of an ice cream truck making rounds in their Corona, California, neighborhood.

“I had no idea something like that could be purchased off an ice cream truck,” she said, noting how dangerous the toy could become if the child were to pop off the orange tip or paint it black.

Reporters caught up with one owner of an ice cream truck who confirmed it’s commonplace for the venders to sell all sorts of toys – including guns – although she said it’s been her policy in the past not to sell the toy guns to children without the parent’s permission.

Vendramini said ice cream vendors should post signs indicating if they sell such items, but according to Corona Police Capt. Jerry Rodriguez, “There is nothing in the ordinance that prohibits ice cream truck vendors from selling toy guns to children without their parents’ knowledge.”

[ CBS Los Angeles ]

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