Teen under investigation for building drone with working handgun (VIDEO)

A Clinton, Connecticut, teen is in hot water with the FAA after he posted a video on Youtube of a drone he created. The problem? His little invention comes complete with a fully functioning semi-automatic handgun with the ability to be fired from a remote control.

While the Clinton Police Department told reporters the machine does not appear to violate any state laws, the FAA confirmed they have launched an investigation into the device.

Bill Piedra is a drone enthusiast and CEO of the company Flying Robots, and said he finds the video shocking. Piedra builds drones that can remotely deliver flotation devices to individuals who are in danger of drowning, but the teen’s device has Piedra feeling uneasy.

“I really hope it doesn’t inhibit the continued development of drones for good purposes,” Piedra said.

But the teen’s father, doesn’t believe his son has done anything wrong. Peter Sachs, a local lawyer who is also a drone advocate, disagrees.

“I think they might have something legal to worry about,” said Sachs. “There are countless ways the drones can be useful, using one as a remote-controlled weapon is not one of them, and I question the judgment of anyone who would attempt to do so.”

Incidentally, this isn’t the first time the teen has had trouble surrounding drones either. Last year he was allegedly attacked by a woman at a local park after she accused him of following and recording her with a drone.

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