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IWI-US now offers steel magazines for Uzi Pro pistols online for direct sale to Uzi owners. The magazines are hot on the heels of the recently-released Uzi Pro which hit the U.S. market only a week ago.

If you snatched up one of the first Uzi Pro pistols the wait for spare mags is over, not to mention, brief. IWI-US is stocking all three sizes of magazines, 20-, 25- and 32-round mags. Uzi Pros come standard with one 20- and one 25-round magazine.

They’re priced right at $17 for the 20-rounders, $19 for the 25-rounders and $22 for the 32-round funsticks. At these prices it won’t be surprising if they sell out so don’t hesitate and get yours soon. Even if they do sell out fast IWI-US has been doing a good job of getting parts back in stock quickly.

UZI-UP9S (2)

The new and improved Uzi Pro with a 20-round magazine. (Photo: IWI-US)

Uzi Pro magazines are backwards-compatible with older Uzi-pattern firearms, however, existing Uzi mags will not work with new Pro pistols without modification. IWI-US is working to set up a service to modify existing magazines.

The Uzi Pro is a modernized version of the time-tested Uzi submachine gun. It has a lighter polymer lower with an ergonomic grip. The Pro uses a standard pistol magazine release at the trigger guard as opposed to a heel release and the frame is railed for use with lights and lasers and other pistol accessories.

The upper receiver has also been modified by moving the cocking handle to the left side to allow for a Picatinny rail on the top for optics. Despite the tweaks and changes it’s still 100 percent Uzi underneath all the updates.

And as far as must-have accessories for Uzi pistols go, there’s really only two at the top of the list: lots of mags and loaded mags.

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