Hickok45 shows the 22 Mag Mini Revolver some love (VIDEO)

Hick broke out his personal pocket gun, a North American Arms .22 WMR Mini Revolver that he’s had for twenty years and gets off some surprising long distance shots.

The NAA line of pocket revolvers gives you a derringer-sized wheelgun with more rounds and the bonus– depending on the model– of switching between .22LR and magnums with a swap of a cylinder. Hickok updated his with an optional grip-folding holster that makes it easier on the hands but increases the size a bit.

The extra grip surface certainly seems to give him some extra control as he lights up the plates without much problem at some pretty respectable range for a gun that can be mistaken for a cigarette lighter.

Of course its his gun and his range, but we wouldn’t want to get in a gun fight with him.

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