Check out this modified RPD machine gun (VIDEO)

Vermont custom gun shop, Windsor Arms Co., displayed a modified RPD machine gun at a recent machine gun shoot in The Green Mountain State.

Barrel Body Text

Muzzle break on the RPD

Chambered in 7.62x39mm and capable of firing 850 rounds per minute, the RPD is the Russian equivalent of the M-249 SAW machine gun.

The machine gun is crafted with a new thicker and shorter 10-inch barrel to eliminate barrel whip, which is when you fire in full auto and the barrel moves like a whip. They also finned the barrel for cooling and added a very efficient muzzle brake to control muzzle rise.

A front fore-grip with built in bipod eliminates the RPD’s original cumbersome bipod and allows it to be fired prone and standing.

Windsor chopped off the rear stock and replaced it with a section of 20mm Vulcan cannon barrel and mated it with a M249 SAW adjustable buttstock. The original pistol grip was replaced with an AK47 pistol grip. Lastly, they fitted a red dot sight on the top.

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