Haley Skimmer drop-in tuned factory OEM for Glocks (VIDEO)

Haley Strategic Partners is now offering the Skimmer for sale on their website. The Skimmer is an OEM Glock trigger for carry pistols that’s been polished and cleaned up for improved performance without turning to aftermarket parts.

The Skimmer is made for Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glock pistols as well as Lone Wolf Distributors’ Glock-compatible frames. They’re hand-polished by the Glock Triggers gunsmiths whose other partners include prominent shooters Ken Hackathorn and Robert Vogel. Their triggers have a solid reputation in competition and self-defense and duty circles.

skimmer trigger haley strategic partners

The Skimmer uses OEM parts exclusively, polished to a mirror finish. (Photo: HSP)

It’s a carry trigger, heavier than a competition trigger but more resistant to stress and interference. The Skimmer features a polished trigger bar that’s been modified to remove pre-travel, a polished trigger housing, ejector, firing pin safety and spring cups. It comes with a set of polished OEM springs as well — everything rough surface is eliminated for a predicable break and positive reset.

The Skimmer comes fit with a Glock “Minus” connector for a lighter trigger pull. It is offered with the heavier standard 5.5-pound connector on request when purchasing through Glock Triggers.

While there are many options on the Glock market for improved triggers, a lot of gun owners prefer to use factory parts, especially for concealed-carry, self-defense and service pistols. That being said by today’s higher trigger quality standards, the standard Glock trigger leaves something to be desired.

For $159 Glock owners can update their existing everyday carry pieces and know that their handgun’s trigger is every bit as nice or nicer than the current crop of new service pistols, such as the Heckler and Koch VP series, the SIG P320 or Walther PPQ. For anyone who is already invested in Glock accessories or is issued a Glock pistol these triggers can be a lifesaver, all using factory Glock components.

With Haley and Glock Triggers you also have the benefit of getting vetted gunsmiths with a proven track record. The triggers are drop-in parts that require no fitting to install.

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