Mom captures emotional moment at memorial with hearing impaired son

Darren Groome

When a Florida mom recently took her 10-year-old son to the Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell, he heart melted when she saw what he did as they were leaving.

Barbie Groome said she brought her son, Darren, to the cemetery several years ago, but he was a little too young to understand the full meaning of the memorial. But with recent events, Barbie felt maybe it was time for another trip to the cemetery.

Groome said Darren was shocked at the sheer number of burials at the cemetery.

“He was in awe,” she said, “And learned about who served and fought for our freedom.”

Darren’s great grandfather, who fought in World War II while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps and was awarded a Purple Heart, and his great uncle, who also fought in World War II while in the Army, are both buried at the cemetery.

After spending some time there, as they were leaving Groome asked her son if he would like to show them gratitude for the soldiers who lost their lives. Darren, who is hearing impaired, turned to the rows of burials and blessed the soldiers with the sign language symbol for “I love you.”

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