'Blazes!' Says man after short barrel shotgun recoil fail (VIDEO)

A shooter got more recoil than anticipated when he was loaned his buddy’s sawn off shotgun for some snowtime backyard shooting.

Disregarding a warning to let her rip from the hip (Hip shoot that ho!) twice (Nah, fool, don’t shoot it like that…) our hero, clad in what could be the ultimate toboggan, gets his face too close to the recoil of the SBS in question.

The result. Well, watch the video.

And remember, all National Firearms Act rules apply, be sure to get in touch with your eyes and ears, and listen to your friends on how to shoot their guns– even when on backyard ranges.

Especially when on backdoor ranges.

Now go out there and use “blazes” at least once in a conversation today.

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