Faxon expands Gunner barrel series

faxon firearms gunner 14.5 inch ar-15 barrel

Faxon Firearms is adding two more models to the Gunner series of AR-15 barrels. Designed for practical shooting, like 3-Gun competitions, the Gunner profile is a Faxon design that’s lighter without sacrificing performance or accuracy.

The new 5.56 NATO Gunner barrels are offered in 11.5- and 14.5-inch lengths to compliment the 16- and 18-inch models. The compact 11.5-inch barrel would be home on a light pistol build or short-barreled rifle and the 14.5-inch barrel can be used with short-barreled rifles or permanently-lengthened with a pinned-and-welded muzzle device to bring the overall length to 16 inches or more.

faxon low profile gas block

The .625 low-pro gas block weighs almost nil. (Photo: Faxon)

The Gunner profile blends Faxon’s SOCOM and pencil profiles into an original design that’s worth checking out.

The barrel is SOCOM from the barrel extension to the gas block shoulder and pencil from there to the muzzle. This puts the mass and heat-dissipating surface area close to the chamber where it’s needed most and keeps the end of the barrel light and easy to maneuver.

To cut even more weight off of the Gunner profile it uses a .625-inch journal for the gas block. Faxon offers the barrels with an ultra low-profile gas blocks for just $30 more. These skeletonized gas blocks weigh a fraction over 1 ounce, hardly more than a mid-length gas tube, which are also available from Faxon for $15.

The weight savings certainly adds up. The 14.5-inch barrel weighs 1.2 pounds where the 11.5-inch barrel tips the scale right at a pound, even. And they’re priced to move at $165 each.

The 14.5-inch Gunner barrel is in stock and available to purchase now while Faxon is taking pre-orders for the 11.5-inch barrels. They will go into production as soon as Faxon takes 50 orders which may not take much time considering they’ve already sold out of 16-inch Gunners which were launched late May.

Both of the new barrels use mid-length gas systems, for less felt recoil and increased muzzle control. They have slightly-enlarged gas ports to compensate for the longer gas system. Optimized for competition they also sport an 11-degree target crown.

faxon flame fluted 16-inch barrel giveaway

The hot rod-inspired Flame fluted barre. (Photo: Faxon)

Along with this announcement Faxon is giving away one of their flagship Flame fluted barrels in 5.56, 300 AAC Blackout or 7.62x39mm. To enter you may register with your Facebook account or sign up with your name and email address on the sweepstakes page.

Every Faxon barrel is button rifled and magnetic-particle inspected. These 4150 chromoly vanadium barrels have a 1-in-8-inch twist for use with a huge spread of ammo types and bullet weights. They have a QPQ nitride finish for wear resistance and improved base accuracy over chrome lining.

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