FL man cited for not keeping BBQ smoke on his own property (VIDEO)

A Florida homeowner was shocked when he recently received a visit from a county official last week after a neighbor complained about the smoke from his BBQ grill.

The Pinellas County Environmental Specialist explained to the homeowner that while there was not a problem with the man’s backyard BBQ, he needed to ensure that the smoke from his grill stayed on his property. The homeowner and a friend, who was filming the fiasco, appeared – although annoyed – quite amused by the request.

The video was later posted to Facebook and has since gotten quite a response – and over 4 million views – prompting Ajaya Satyrl with Pinellas County Air Quality to ensure residents that backyard BBQ-ing isn’t against the law, but reports of objectionable amounts of smoke or smells must be investigated.

The homeowner said he’s lived there for more than 30 years and never had any problems until his neighbor moved in several years ago. The city’s Air Quality department confirmed there have been 15 smoke and odor complaints against the homeowner in less than a year.

[ Fox News ]

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