Guy with a gun gets harassed for walking his dog on the sidewalk (VIDEO)

A YouTuber who goes by the name BUDSLAYER was recently driving down an Arizona when he witnessed a sight that apparently infuriated him and – like all good YouTubers – he decided to record himself confronting the guy from the comfort of his own car, although it’s unknown if he realized beforehand that the guy he was about to harass was carrying a gun.

BUDSLAYER pulled his car over and through the passenger’s side window yelled at the man for walking his dog on the hot concrete. He accused the man of abusing his dog and repeatedly demanded that the guy take off his shoes and stand on the hot concrete.

As BUDSLAYER continues to yell profanities at the man, the dog walker eventually flicks up the side of his shirt – revealing a holstered handgun – in an apparent attempt to get the BUDSLAYER to back down. Eventually, the guy with the dog probably realized there was nothing he could say to appease the man and just walked away.

But the BUDSLAYER was far from finished and pulled his car around into a nearby parking lot so he could continue to harass the guy, who simply ignored him and kept walking with his dog, who incidentally didn’t appear to be in any sort of discomfort.

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