Bravo Company KeyMod rail panels now available (VIDEO)

Bravo Company Manufacturing now offers a series of inexpensive KeyMod rail cover sets for a lot less than you might expect. Kicking things of with seven-slot rail covers the company is launching with four sets in four BCM colors.

The rail covers come in five-packs for only $9.95, and are offered in flat dark earth, foliage green, wolf gray and of course, black. The covers measure in at 5.5 inches long and can be cut — even mid-slot — to accommodate any rail and rail accessories.

KeyMod rails have solid advantages over Picatinny rails and a few proprietary systems, chiefly that they’re light weight and smooth to the touch. This means they can feel slick, especially with wet or sweaty hands and some get hot pretty quickly. These rail covers address both of those issues with a shift-proof hold and low-profile design.

bcm keymod rail covers black

The firs batch of rail covers come in packs of five. (Photo: BCM)

They have the same surface texture as other BCM Gunfighter accessories that provides a slip-free grip as well as a layer of thermal insulation between hands and handguards. They are ventilated to help cool handguards and barrel assemblies as much as possible, even if they’re used to cover a rail completely.

The rail covers add just enough material to provide a grip without adding any bulk and use a flexible polymer designed to be installed, uninstalled, and adjusted repeatedly.

These are the third revision by BCM and the first covers up for sale. As Twang’n’Bang’s Cameron Martz points out, Bravo Company is a top-shelf name in the independent AR market and even though these are a new product, it would be very surprising if they don’t deliver on all expectations and then some.

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