British police scramble choppers, K9s for men with rakes, didgeridoos

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Wayne Dodd, 43, was the subject of a police dragnet in the UK for helping a mate “roll up” his yard. (Photo: Mirror)

Cops in the UK seem to take all calls very seriously, as in the past week they have dispatched armed police, dogs and helicopters for men caught with musical instruments and garden tools.

While most law enforcement in the country are armed only with bad breath, colorful language, and a baton, there are a few teams of highly trained Authorized Firearms Officer (AFOs) who are issued handguns and submachine guns for when things get dangerous.

Or something like that.

As reported by the Mirror, armed police in Christchurch swarmed a bungalow after a panicked emergency call of a man with a gun. The unit was supported by aviation assets and police canine units.

What they found was Wayne Dodd, 43, with the garden rake.

He had just wrapped up his garden work at his friend Stephen Hogan’s house as police arrived.

“All of a sudden there was a lot of commotion. My wife Alison looked outside and saw about five police cars, armed officers and dogs,” said Hogan.

This is not the first time this has happened. In Aldershot last week armed police swooped in, also with helicopter support, to surround a suspect believed to be walking down the road with a shotgun on a Tuesday afternoon.

“Officers established that he was in fact carrying two didgeridoos and the incident was closed.”

It seems open carry with obscure musical instruments is frowned upon in the UK.

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