Julie Golob walks you through the El Presidente at 25 yards (VIDEO)

Pro shooter Julie Golob gives you the shooter’s eye view of the El Prez stage at a recent USPSA event then breaks it down so you can attempt to do the same.

The El Presidente, developed by Col. Jeff Cooper in the 1970’s, is a classic combat pistol drill in which three targets are set up a yard/meter apart in a line 10 yards/meters from the shooter. Since it dates from the Disco era, you start with six rounds loaded (as with a wheelgun), fire two rounds into each target, reload asfastashumanlypossible and fire two more rounds into each target.

Well, at the USPSA Area 7 Championships in Augusta, Maine earlier this year, Stage 7 was an El Prez– but at 25 yards.

Golob, a veteran of the elite U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit and winner of more competitions than we have digital ink to cover, took it in stride and let her Smith & Wesson Performance Center 5″ M&P do the walking while she does the talking explaining how to make it happen.

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