Man cashes in after ATM workers accidentally leave bag with $141K (VIDEO)

Authorities in New Jersey are searching for the man who made out with $141,000 in cash after ATM workers accidentally left a bag of money sitting by the road, and the entire event – from the workers driving away to the man finding the cash – was caught on surveillance video.

The workers went inside a Mahwah building on Industrial Avenue to refill the ATMs inside, but when they went to leave, one of the workers set down the unmarked bag containing $10s and $20 and simply forgot to pick it up again.

“At some point the person who was supposed to have the bag realized that it wasn’t in the car with him,” said William Hunt with the Mahwah Police Department. “But at that point, he was seven miles away and called back to the office to see if it was still curbside where he had left it.”

When the worker realized the money was no longer there, he was sent into a panicked state, so much so that paramedics were called.

The money was already gone, but surveillance video caught the man who took it – a passenger in a white work van who was also seen taking tires from a nearby dumpster moments before finding the bag of cash. Hunt called it a stroke of luck – or misfortune – that the van drove by when it did.

Nonetheless, Hunt point out, “Anytime you find property that’s discarded on the side of the road, it’s not just fair game for you to pick it up and say, ‘Well, you left it, I found it.’”

Authorities are hoping the men responsible for taking the cash will do the right thing and turn it in.

[ CBS New York ]

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