Oklahoma man pleads guilty after calling in bomb threat at post office

An Oklahoma man pled guilty in federal court after threatening to blow up a U.S. Postal Service building, authorities announced this week.

Haworth resident Stanley Ray Mixon, 39, called the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics on April 2 and threatened to destroy the Idabel post office with explosives, according to a Federal Bureau of Investigation complaint used to obtain an arrest warrant against Mixon.

The federal agent then contacted the McCurtain County Sheriff’s Department, which had already been called to Mixon’s residence by the would-be bomber’s mother.

The next morning, authorities interviewed Mixon, who confessed to the plot and said he had thought about blowing up the building for about a month.

Mixon further confessed that he had planned on placing a pipe bomb near the locked mailboxes rather than in the lobby area because he “didn’t want to hurt a lot of people,” according to court documents.

Mixon’s mother told authorities her son has a lengthy history of mental health treatment. He faces a maximum of 10 years imprisonment and up to a $250,000 fine.

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