Authorities not amused by rattlesnake prank

snake prank

When a 23-year-old man from Cottonwood, Arizona, placed a dead rattlesnake around the neck of a statue at a fallen officers memorial, he thought it would be funny, but authorities didn’t find the act very amusing.

Nathan Cody Cumiford was arrested Monday after he was caught on video surveillance and faces a misdemeanor charge for littering.

While Cumiford was in custody, Sgt Tod Moore asked him why prompted the prank, but Cumiford just laughed and said it was just a joke. Cumiford also revealed he killed the rattlesnake a few miles north of the memorial before bringing it down.

And while the act may have been disrespectful, at least he didn’t attempt to assault someone with the snake while it was still alive, like this guy did.

Nathan Cumiford

Nathan Cumiford (Photo: Associated Press)

[ Associated Press ]

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