Men carry guns and shoot animals—now stop threatening them

Since when was killing an animal such a big deal? A big game hunter now receives death threats and his business is about to be closed down? Insanity. I feel bad for this guy who happened to kill an animal with a human name, not because he killed the lion, but because wackos want him dead and are crucifying him in the media and social media. Why? What’s the big deal? Who cares?! There are more important things to worry about. There’s no need to make such a huge deal over something so miniscule.

Teddy Roosevelt was a big game hunter. Back when he was president, people would have congratulated the now infamous dentist on his success in the bush. But times have definitely changed. What’s wrong?

Look, I haven’t killed any lions, but it doesn’t bother me one bit if someone wants to do so legally. In fact, a friend of mine told me about her hunting trip to Africa where she shot and killed all kinds of big game and it sounded like a once in a lifetime, immersive experience that was both respectful to hunt and to the animals. It actually made me want to go big game hunting with a guide on the African continent.

Again, what’s wrong with hunting? What’s wrong with shooting animals legally?

There’s a serious problem in America when folks are sending death threats to random hunters. Aren’t we supposed to be a more intelligent species? To me, it seriously undermines any credibility these people claim to have on the subject when they express the opinion that they would rather kill people who kill animals than wake up to the reality of what got them to where they are today i.e. killing animals.

But these out of whack priorities seem to be the taken-for-granted norm in modern America.  If a police officer shoots a dog in self defense, it makes national news.  PETA rampages and most of the population seems to side with the media, who focus on a story rather than a factual narrative of the events. They’ll spend more time reporting on the breed of dog and how it isn’t violent than illustrating the situation and terrain the officers found themselves walking into when they responded to the scene. A lot of people will remember the dog’s name, but not have a clue who the officers were that got shot and seriously injured in the same police department.  Some people aren’t even shy about their allegiances: they would rather the officer get killed or mauled by the dog than defend themselves. That’s absurd, people. Just plain offensive, especially when I know officer’s who have had their arms chewed to hamburger by vicious dogs.

Back in the good ol’ days, men were manly. They hunted and protected. Around the time of the fall of the Roman Empire, men began avoid military service. Some men began to be more feminine and dress up like women, and wear wigs. That was indicative of America in the 60s too. There were draft dodgers then too. Such social behavior also reminds me of the various cultural movements today.

Speaking of which, I was having a great conversation with a gay man not long ago. We were talking about guns and tactics and shooting people. He’s a great guy, and I consider him a friend. But I don’t condone his lifestyle. That’s okay, because he likely doesn’t condone my having six kids and a wife. Surely he wouldn’t want that.

I believe he and all homosexuals should have rights and be protected from mistreatment. There ought to be good laws to protect them from discrimination. But the times have changed so much, it seems like rights to not have personal beliefs encroached upon have gone awry.  Common logic seems to have been replaced by a Twilight Zone-type of belief where if the media and social media say it’s not right to do something—kill animals for instance—then it’s not right, period. Or, if some people would rather not have the Boy Scouts of America have openly gay adult scout leaders (like they announced recently), that it’s considered an affront to homosexuals. Or, worse, that those who oppose such steps and opt to strengthen traditional families instead are bigots, homophobes, religious zealots or not open-minded enough.

Well, I think some people are so open-minded that their brains are falling out of their heads. Let’s get real. While killing animals by shooting them with guns isn’t necessarily my interest (although I have had fun hunting in the past), it’s okay if other people are interested in that and they go about pursuing that interest responsibly. Similarly, while liking other men in a sexual way also isn’t something I’m into personally, I’m not scared of others who do like the same sex or who are married to a member of the same sex; but in the same vein, I don’t think that homosexuals having all “rights” means they should have an all-inclusive access to every tradition, every cultural value or every organization (like the Boy Scouts) either. This isn’t like racial segregation, although some people believe it should be likened to that time.

Speaking of different races (specifically the political kind), frankly, if I were the president of the United States, I wouldn’t have lit up the White House with rainbow colors following the Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriages. If I was in charge, I would not have spoken after the church massacre.  And, as Commander-and-Chief of the US Armed Forces, I definitely would have said something after the terrorist attack on the military recruiters (and I would have called it “terrorism” too).  And, I would have flown the flag at the White House at half mast too. I wouldn’t condemn the Dixie flag, but you bet I’d do something to defund Planned Parenthood. My guess is more black babies have died at the hands of abortion doctors than Southerners.

Nevertheless, these are just my opinions. Thankfully, I can express my thoughts because it’s a guaranteed right under the First Amendment. But I’ve got to wonder, if people today will threaten someone’s life over a successful hunt or shooting an attacking pitbull, what’s to stop these mentally disturbed individuals from coming after me or anybody else for speaking our minds about something they don’t agree?

Well, thankfully, in America it doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight, green, purple or polka dotted, if you’re an American citizen, you can also enjoy the Second Amendment.  Ah, yes, the right to own and use guns—whether for hunting (a.k.a. killing animals), sport shooting or defending yourself from threatening people.

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