4 things that should occur because of Navy Lt. Cmdr White

Editor’s note: Despite being widely reported by several military-affiliated publications, a spokesman for the Navy now denies any charges will be filed against Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White for discharging an unauthorized weapon on federal property.

Reports that the Navy Lt. Commander who fired a gun at a terrorist during the Chattanooga incident will be charged is complete insanity. Leave it to the government to behave stupidly.

According to The Navy Times, one of the Marines shot during the Chattanooga recruitment station terrorist attack exchanged rounds with the Islamic terrorist, and so did Navy Lt. Cmdr Timothy White. Now the US Navy is bringing up charges.

What, did the Navy forget the USS Cole bombing in 2000? Didn’t we learn anything after 9/11? Hello! The US is under attack. Our soldiers, airmen, seaman, Marines, and US civilians are not safe from terrorists. Just take a look at the Garland, Texas incident.

When I worked as a Federal Air Marshal, there were a couple of times I had to enter into federal buildings that housed other federal law enforcement agencies. To my great surprise, I couldn’t bring my concealed pistol into those federal buildings. That boggled my mind. Are you kidding me? I could carry a weapon on a packed commercial airplane and I had federal credentials, but I couldn’t carry it to visit the FBI? Stupid.

In the case of the terrorist attack against military recruiters, the law has been that no firearms are allowed on federal property. Just like every other major terrorist attack around the world, terrorists hit soft targets—targets that don’t allow weapons where people can defend themselves. Of all the places in the world, military installations, including and especially recruitment offices, need more protection.

I’m not so sure what will happen about recruiters being armed. I’ve given my opinion regarding the reasons military recruiters won’t be able to carry concealed.  I should note here, however, that after speaking with a former JAG officer and others that the Posse Comitatus Act shouldn’t be a point that matters. Some people might think it is, but in reality, that law is a moot point.

Frankly, I think four things should happen as a result of this shooting and the subsequent charges being brought against the Lt. Commander. Since we weren’t proactive about our protection and security, here’s the reactive suggestions:

1. Obama should take steps to pardon both troops who shot at the terrorist and recognize them as doing what they were trained to do.

These warriors knew that evil terrorists and enemies don’t follow the rules. These military warriors fought back. Good for them. That’s what they were trained to do. Unfortunately, some people died, in part, because all of them weren’t armed.

The POTUS—the Commander and Chief—should step up and talk about this attack with a platform of protecting the troops he is ultimately responsible to protect. He should tell the world about the real threat, about how our military personnel are still at war with terrorists. Terrorists are not wearing uniforms and terrorists are attacking our troops everywhere, even in America.

2. The law needs to be changed about military personnel carrying guns at military recruitment stations and at other military installations.

I think a pro-gun, pro-military legislator should propose calling it the Lt. Cmdr Timothy White law. Somehow I doubt it will be Sen. Dianne Feinstein. Just sayin’.

3. Handgun training needs to be better for the troops, especially all those who work as recruiters.

This is something that if you follow my column at all, you know I feel very strongly about.  A new gun is forthcoming for the military; the Army and some other branches of service will soon pick a new firearm for troops of all specialties to carry. Whatever gun is chosen, more training is sorely needed. Specific to this incident, I think troops need to be able to carry their guns concealed and be trained to put shots on target, every time they pull the trigger.

4. The link between civilian and military concealed carry opportunities needs to expand.

Military personnel who live off base/post, need to be able to protect themselves. Going to and from their homes, going to and from work, they should be able to carry concealed. US Armed Forces personnel should be able to enjoy the freedoms every other US citizen enjoys. As defenders of freedom,  they shouldn’t have that rightone of the very rights they are fighting to preserve-taken from them at any time.

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