Trijicon and Primary Arms give the ACOG the ACSS treatment

The Primary Arms range-finding ACSS reticle is moving up in the ranks with a new Trijicon TA31 optic that sports it. The Advanced Combined Sighting System is the Primary Arms take on the battle-proven fixed 4x Advanced Combat Optic Gunsight, developed for AR-style rifles and other guns with similar ballistics.

The 4x32mm ACOG has become a staple in the world of ARs and other fighting rifles and has found a home with law enforcement, hunters and practical-tactical shooters across the globe. This scope features Primary Arms’ unique ACSS reticle with an integral range-finder along with a host of references for determining Kentucky windage.

Trijicon uses a dual illuminated design that works in any lighting conditions. The extremely durable optic combines the precision necessary for distance marksmanship with CQB speed and both-eyes open shooting to maximize hit potential at any distance, at any time.

primary arms acss acog trijicon 4x32 reticle

The TA31 and the ACSS reticle. (Photo: Primary Arms)

The reticle is lit by a fiber-optic light pipe for visibility in bright daylight and a tritium-powered vial for illumination at night. The two combined produce enough light during twilight hours, providing just the right amount of illumination at all times. Both the horseshoe and dot are lit for fast close-quarters shooting and pinpoint long-range use. Primary Arms offers two models of ACSS ACOG, with shooter’s choice of red or green reticles.

The ACSS reticle has holdovers out to 800 yards and has indexes on the left and right to estimate leads for walking and sprinting targets. Next to the reticle is a torso-sized rangefinder etched into the glass to estimate distances, making it a simple optic to use no matter what the application is.

The reticle was developed to guestimate the trajectory of common 5.56 NATO loads, which are similar to many .223 Remington, 5.45x39mm and even some .308 Winchester and 7.62 NATO loads at close and medium ranges. That makes the ACSS reticle effective across platforms and isn’t limited to just AR-15 rifles.

Priced at $1,189, it’s competitive with other TA31 riflescopes although it does command a small premium for the custom reticle. The MSRP for standard TA31 scopes is $1,447. That being said it’s not just the bare optic and it comes with a Picatinny scope mount for rifles with flattop receivers.

If the ACSS TA31 is too rich for your blood Primary Arms has been expanding on their in-house ACSS offerings with new fixed and variable scopes at lower price points. Primary Arms offers more than a dozen ACSS-equipped optics with reticles optimized for a wide spread of cartridges including 7.62x39mm, 300 AAC Blackout and .30-30 Winchester all the way down to .22 Long Rifle.

The flight of ACSS optics covers a broad range of scopes, from fixed 4x and 5x scopes including both the new Trijicon model and low-cost prismatic optics and their new 2.5x-power prismatic scope to more common 1-4x, 1-6x, 4-14x and the upcoming “Platinum” 1-8x scope.

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