Sheriff's offices help make drug dealing more lucrative

drug dealing competition

Law enforcement offices across the country are printing up fliers to let local drug dealers know they are in the business of helping them to expand their income opportunities in a unique way.

The fliers, which take aim at the dealers whose competition is costing them money, comes complete with a form to include the competitor’s name, address, home and cell phone numbers, as well as any alternate means of communication used, and the hours the dealer can typically be found slinging merchandise.

Some forms even have additional spaces for helpful information, such as what type of vehicle the competing drug dealer drives, and as with most tips to the police, those taking advantage of the free service can remain completely anonymous.

Sheriff Pat Melton, from Franklin County, Kentucky, said the fliers have the community engaged.

“People are looking at it. They’re talking about it,” he said. “And you know, if we can get a good tip and get a good drug dealer off the streets, all the more.”

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