The Colt Model 1877 'Thunderer' is a pretty little thing

Colt Model 1877

Sometimes the beauty of a firearm lies in its history and other times, the beauty is much more superficial than that. And still, there are other times that a pretty little beaut fits both bills, such as this Colt Model 1877 “Thunderer.”

Part of the Raymond Wielgus Collection housed at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody, Wyoming, the elaborately embellished revolver was a gift to the museum by Wielgus himself.

40 years ago, Wielgus moved to Tuscon from Chicago with his wife and took up a new hobby: Embellishing firearms. And this revolver is an example of his work.

Of course, putting the plain beauty of this one aside, the Colt Model 1877 in itself is an awesome little piece. It was the first double action revolver produced by Colt, made between 1877 and 1909. The revolver came in two different calibers: .38, the “Lightening,” and .41, the “Thunderer.”

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