Miculek runs 9mm tracer from a SW 5906 in super slo mo (VIDEO)

Jerry Miculek bounces back on range with his favorite 9mm– a S&W 5906 Performance Center gun made for the Mexican Special Forces and rocks out with it in slo-mo.

The 5906 is the ultimate descendant of Smith’s series of 9mm popguns that began just after World War II with the Model 39, a beautiful aluminum-framed single stack that was the subject of much customization and itself evolved into the Model 59 by the 70s and later the Smith and Wesson “wonder-nines” of the 90s.

Jerry’s is an overrun from a Mexican SF contract and he really seems to be able to make it sing.

But of course, he’s Jerry Miculek too, so there’s that.

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