Officials reviewing video of officer pulling gun on man recording him (VIDEO)

Police in Rohnert Park, California are reviewing an incident captured on camera of an officer unholstering his pistol after being filmed by a man on his cellphone from his yard.

The video captures footage of an officer engaging in conversation with a man identified by the Los Angeles Times as Don McComas.

The officer is seen leaving his marked unit after two minutes and draws his sidearm after he asks McComas to remove his hand from his pocket.

“You need to relax,” the officer says.

McComas asks why the officer left his vehicle to which he answers, “You taking a picture of me. I am taking a picture of you.”

The officer later asks whether McComas was, “some kind of a constitutionalist…crazy guy or something like that?”

The incident ends with the officer reholstering his gun and leaving and McComas who promises to put the video on You Tube.

When brought to their attention, Rohnert Park Mayor Amy Ahanotu and City Manager Darrin Jenkins told the Times in a statement that an internal review will be conducted to determine if the proper protocols were followed.

“We’ve been made aware of this matter, and we are taking it seriously,” they said. “We understand the concerns that have been raised by our community and others and we want the public to know that your trust in law enforcement in our city is a top priority.”

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