Tank pulls a flying rollover while playing Tokyo drift in Russia (VIDEO)


Russia is putting on its 2015 Army Games and a Kuwaiti T-72 crew showed up for the tank biathlon but came just a little bit too hard.

With teams from 17 countries, including such military powerhouses as Angola, Nicaragua and Tajikistan, the World Tank Biathlon is getting its swerve on at the Alabino firing range in the suburbs of Moscow right now.

The above video shows starts with a Chinese third-generation Type 96A main battle tank doing its thing, followed by a mighty Armenian army T-72B3 and then– the hero of our story– a 41-ton Kuwaiti Army T-72 come sliding into view for its run on the chocolate milk pit.

Hold your breath at that part.

Don’t feel too bad about laughing though, as reports state the Kuwaiti crew walked away with bruised pride and no injuries.

Sadly, the same can’t be said of a Russian pilot earlier this week as part of the air portion of the event.

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