Deputy drags unconscious man from railroad tracks seconds before train crosses (VIDEO)

A video shared on YouTube shows the dramatic moments in which a deputy out of San Mateo County, California, dragged an unconscious motorist from his wrecked car out of the path of an oncoming train just seconds before the train crosses, partially obliterating his vehicle.

The incident happened Monday evening around 6:30 seconds after the motorist crashed into a pole beside the tracks.

“This is what we’re trained to do,” said San Mateo County Sheriff’s deputy Lance Whitted. “Luckily, we were at the right place at the right time.”

Whitted explained that while he was pulling the driver from the car, his partner, Dep. Erik Rueppel, was further down the tracks waving down the train to stop, which it was unable to do soon enough.

[ ABC 7 ]

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