In Ukraine, helicopter shares road with you (VIDEO)

Recently a dashcam video popped up from the Dnepropetrovsk Region of the Ukraine that in which a driver suddenly had to share the road with a huge military chopper.

While driving along listening to European techno club music and enjoying the countryside, the driver’s dashcam (they are in pretty common use in Eastern Europe to help prove/disprove car insurance claims) caught a spontaneous lane merger ahead.

Zooming in at about 25 feet off the deck comes a military Mil Mi-8/17 transport, which then proceeds to take point off and on for a few minutes, even zooming away and coming right back.

The Mi-8, NATO reporting name “Hip,” is a 60 foot long transport capable of toting 30 troops and has been a staple Soviet-era design since the 1970s, seeing much hard service in hotspots such as Afghanistan and Chechnya.

The Ukrainian Air Force has about a 100 of them in service and, while its not uncommon for chopper pilots to practice nap of the earth flying to stay below the radar of guided surface to air missiles, they probably aren’t supposed to get close enough to civilian roadways to have to signal before they make a turn.

But hey, what happens in Dnepropetrovsk, stays in Dnepropetrovsk.

Bonus video below with soundtrack overlay of The Doors feat. Snoop Dogg  Riders on the Storm remix if techno isn’t your bag.

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