Quarter Circle 10 teasing upcoming side-charging Glock AR


Quarter Circle 10 is prepping the announcement of the next big advancement in pistol-caliber AR-style guns with a teaser shot of the upcoming side-charging upper receiver. Quarter Circle 10 is one of three primary manufacturers of AR-based pistols, rifles and short-barreled rifles that use everyday Glock-pattern magazines.

Details are sparse about the new upper and the price is not public at this time. We do know that it will work with all supported Glock calibers including 9mm Luger, .40 S&W, .357 SIG and .45 ACP. Quarter Circle 10 is working on 10mm Automatic parts as well. Quarter Circle 10 manufactures both bolt carrier groups and barrels, offering everything necessary in-house.

The side charging handle is non-reciprocating to allow all types of grips and stances. Side charging handles are more than a novelty, particularly with guns intended for use in tight quarters. The charging handle was designed so that users can lock the bolt back one-handed — it’s possible to reach the bolt catch with the same hand drawing back the bolt carrier.

Quarter Circle 10’s side-charger sports an integral “trap door” dust cover to prevent debris from entering the action when not in use. While it isn’t available today they do have a notification system that lets you register for email alerts about future availability.

The side-charger is shown here as a complete short-barreled rifle with a flat dark earth finish. This is just for display and there may be some changes between now and the official release. It’s also shown with Quarter Circle 10’s impending bolt-on KeyMod handguard. The stumpy rail is compatible with standard MIL-SPEC ARs but is clearly best-suited for pistols and short-barreled rifles.

Quarter Circle 10 is one of three emerging names in the Glock-compatible pistol-caliber AR sector along with Angstadt Arms and New Frontier Armory in addition to Lone Wolf Distributors which has been working on their Glock mag ARs for a few years.

Guns.com will be sure to keep you in the loop as more info about these Glock-compatible pistols, carbines and short-barreled rifles emerges.

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