SIG P320 Subcompact X-Change kits are here and more

sig p320 subcompact conversion kit

P320 Subcompact Conversion X-Change kits are here. (Photo: SIG)

SIG Sauer is hard at work expanding their P320 series to make all their teased and promised models to the table and this summer they’ve made solid gains in support of their new striker-fired service pistols with suppressor-ready models and conversion kits in Full Size, Compact and now Subcompact configurations.

Shortly after the launch of the P320 in 9mm Luger SIG began to offer conversion kits in .40 S&W and .357 SIG, but now they’ve got 9mm kits available through their web store in three of the four size options, most importantly, in Subcompact.

A lot of P320 owners were early adopters — the gun was an instant hit. Launched in Full Size and shortly after that in Compact many P320 owners have been waiting a long time for the Subcompact conversion kits for concealed-carry. SIG is leading with the 9mm model with a standard 12+1 capacity. With a grip extension the Subcompact can us 15-round Compact mags.

While the Compact is small enough for some people to carry, the Subcompact has a wider appeal in the concealed-carry market. The conversion kit finally allows owners of larger models to move their Fire Control Groups to a Subcompact assembly — without having to buy a complete firearm. Compact 9mm conversion kits are available as well, for Full Size owners (and people who waited for the Subcompact launch).

Priced at $399 they’re a bit steep, although with SIG discount codes for 20 percent off when you register a SIG firearm warranty the can bring the sticker down to about $320 which is a lot more wallet-friendly. And with conversion kits available through the SIG store that means retail availability isn’t far off.

On top of the conversion kits SIG also has various grip modules back in stock. P320s can be modified with small, medium or large grip units to better accommodate individuals’ hand sizes. Additionally olive drab and flat dark earth grip shells are trickling in, first for the middle-size P320 Compact. We also know that grey grips are in the pipe. Grips run $46, on par with a lot of retail outlets.


The suppressor-ready P320 Carry comes with a threaded barrel and raised night sights. (Photo: Osage County Guns)

Another welcome addition the P320 club is the new suppressor-ready, P320 Carry at Osage County Guns. They have them on sale now for $719.

The suppressor-ready P320 Carry uses full-size 17-round mags with a Compact-length slide and frame. It comes with an extended, threaded 4.4-inch barrel with 1/2-28 threads for most suppressors and raised suppressor night sights. They’re 3-dot sights with green tritium inserts and white outlines.

The P320 is really starting to take shape as a platform, more than just a brand or series. There are plenty of other things SIG has incoming, including optics-ready pistols and large-frame models in .45 ACP that are still in the works.

We’re still a ways off from having the full line of P320 products widely available, but SIG is showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to new P320 stuff, and that’s great news for shooters everywhere.

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