Wallet lost overseas in WWII returned to 91-year-old veteran (VIDEO)

A Madera County, California, man was recently reunited with a wallet he lost overseas while fighting in World War II some 70 years ago.

Eligio Ramos, who helped liberate prisoners out of concentration camps, was with the 250th field artillery when they took shelter at a farmhouse in Austria in 1945 and his wallet went missing.

“They went through so many little villages and stuff he didn’t even think about the wallet anymore,” said Rosando Ramos, Eligio’s son. “They had other problems on their hands, so the wallet was very minimal.”

But some 70 years later, Doctor Josef Ruckhofer, whose late grandfather owned the farmhouse, came across the wallet while pulling up some old wooden planks and decided to see if he could find the man to whom it once belonged.

Ruckhofer used the Army ID card to track down Elgio, and on June 18, the veteran 91-year-old veteran received an unexpected letter in the mail.

A few weeks later, Elgio’s old wallet arrived in a small box from 6,000 miles away. The wallet was worn and weathered, but still contained some of Elgio’s family photos.

“This wallet, if it could only talk,” Rosando said. “It’s been through a lot, so we’re going to frame everything that was inside, all the photos, the military paperwork he had in there.”

And Elgio just wanted to thank Ruckhofer for returning it.

[ ABC 30 ]


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