Would you like a side of meth with that? Active lab found inside Iowa Taco Bell (VIDEO)

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Authorities arrested two men after they discovered an active meth lab at a Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Taco Bell Tuesday morning around 5:00 a.m.

Coleman fuel, lye, drain cleaner, and other ingredients used to manufacture methamphetamine were found inside the fast food chain, as well as one to two grams of the drug.

Taco Bell meth lab

Christopher Adam Matous, 31, (left) and Kent Jerome Duby, 56, (right). (Photo: Cedar Rapids Police Department)

After they were arrested, 31-year-old Christopher Matous, who had a prior conviction for making meth in 2008, and 56-year-old Kent Duby, they told investigators they set up the meth lab simply so they could “stay high all the time.”

The restaurant is currently closed while a team of professional environmental experts come in to clean up the place and ensure there are no more health hazards before they get back to making tacos.

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