Go inside the Ukrainian sniper rifle factory and sharpshooter school (VIDEO)

Ukraine Today went undercover to document the one of the small scale improvised sniper schools set up to produce sharpshooters in the country’s asymmetric war with separatists.

Embroiled in a low intensity conflict in the Eastern portion of the country against Russian separatists, the Ukraine is having to fight on a shoe string budget and many units in the field are made up of volunteers with little or no training.

With that in mind, UT, partnered with TSN went to seek out the small school of volunteers who are heading out after a week’s training– equipped with locally sourced rifles in many cases– to go get some one shot kills out on the line somewhere.

Sadly, if you are in this for a bunch of sexy Dragunov SVD and Mosin Nugget sniper rifle shots, click away now.

Although much is made of the local cottage industry, a good bit of U.S. gear to include a Remington 700 in a MDT HS3 chassis, several AR-10 clones, and accessories pops up.

Hows that whole ITAR thing working out for you?

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